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Healthy lifestyleStudents' Healthy Lifestyle Guide
Today a lot of students make a decisionto become health-conscious. They  go on diet as it is an essential part of staying healthy. We know that we should not stuff ourselves with junk food, stodgyfood, sweets. According to medical research, this type of food shortens our life, it leads to obesity, heartandblood vesselsdiseases, ulcer, and lots of other serious ailments. To prevent all these problems we should enjoy well-balanced home-made meals with a lot of organic fruits, vegetables, dairyproducts, grains and seafood.
Nowadays students are snowed under with work so they have sedentary life style. But they should be more organized. Taking a proper rest and getting enough sleep, from 8 to 10 hours daily, are also great healthy habits. Sleep is the food for our brain and the rest for our muscles
Keeping fit and going in for sports is also important for our health. Lack of exercise in our life is a serious problem. We putoffdoing ex…
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Creating a company
If you want to have abrilliant career with enormous benefits, you should put together your CV and attend an interview. Our company "Malange" waiting for young people who can work well in a team and who have a good knowledge of marketing. We look for a diligent person who can be good at using own initiative and mastering new skills.

Our fulfilling job offers available position of manager. It would be a nine-to-five job. The working condition would be great. My workers would have two days-off and would be entitled to sick pay. Moreover, we provide comprehensive health provision. The salary would be paid once a month and average is about $ 30 p/h. You should understand that you can be snowed under with daunting tasks but it's really a rewarding job.

Our company isn't a dead-end job, it's a place, where you can get a promotion and climb to the top of the career ladder. You also, need to have experience in this sphere.
So, if you are unemployed and inte…
EducationIn the first video, a distinguished scholarSugata Mitra wants us to return to the past and remember where the kind of learning come from. Also, he takes the view that now education system is obsolete.  That’s why, he wants to create a School in the Cloud. He honestly thinks that this kind of school can help children  who are not so gifted and live in the village, toacquire easilyknowledge, to pass examswith flying colors. He believes that children have a natural talent for using modern  technology as easy as ABC.
 In the second video, Ken Robinson talks about the problem of dropping out of school by kids. It’s a widespread belief that drawback prices is just the tip of the iceberg. Moreover. Students don’t enjoy the school. They have a natural talent but teachers should engage children to show initiative. It’s common knowledge that they don’t get benefits from it. The speaker named three important reasons why many students fall behind with their studies and play truant from sc…

FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, BODY LANGUAGEHave you ever  tried to guess by facial expressions and body movements what people are feeling or thinking?
This non-verbal communication of emotion, state of mind or state of physical well-being is known as body language. Body language, gestures and emotions are inalienable part of our life.  Every person express feelings in different ways.  Sometimes we can be calm, collected or thrilled with finer things in our life. In opposition to these emotions, even the most even-tempered person can be frustrated and upset.Bear in mind, that you should reveal feelings to your close friends. It’s not a good idea to bottle up your emotions or suppress your feelings. In this post, I’d like to observe my friends and body language they use. So, let’s get started.

This is Ann. She is a cheerful and easy-going person, but now she is sick and tired of her daily routine and fed -up with studying. She is very anxious about the results of her exams that she can’t sleep.



Word Families and Word Formation
The text I've taken words from is called "Guilt-free Holidays" (Unit 6, p.100-101)
Noun Verb Adjective Adverb build build buildable  - finance finance financial